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Affordable Alternative Wedding Entertainment

May 21st, 2012 by Jeannine

Affordable Alternative Wedding Entertainment

If you want your wedding to leave a lasting impression, and perhaps also be a good replacement for wedding favours, I’ve found a few affordable options!


A dance troupe can really get the party started. Whether it be modern dance or something more exotic, it would make a great transition from dinner to par-tay! When I was at Indie I Do, I managed to catch Samar Oriental Dance Ensemble perform. Ashley is the group’s principal dancer who specializes in Raks Sharqi, a dance more commonly known as bellydancing, accompanied by a two-man percussion group, Samar. I was surprised to find out how reasonable their rates are. Ashley can perform a 20-25 minute set (with props like a sword or wings) for $200, with Samar the fee becomes $450. The performance is fun and energetic, and even involves some participation from the bride and groom or the guests! If you are the unconventional couple who wants to leave a lasting impression, this is the way to do it! Samar is a Vancity Vendor, click here to read their profile.


What better way to kill two birds with one stone? It’s great entertainment for all ages and they can even take home a souvenir! I’ve contacted some local artists and they have varying price ranges depending on skill and experience.

The prices I’ve seen were between $100 and $200/hour. Drawings last about 5 minutes and usually people ask to be drawn as couples or groups so depending on the size of your guestlist, you may only need them for 2 or 3 hours, but keep in mind that there may be a minimum required booking. Each artist has their own distinct style of drawing so choose the one you like best, rather than basing it on just their price point. All they need is a designated spot in your venue, where people can still see them, and they come with their own equipment, ready to sketch up a storm! Some caricaturists like Corycatures and Sarah Heng Hartse can even incorporate their drawings into other elements of your wedding like invitations or signing boards. To find the right caricaturist for you, www.the-nose.com would be a great place to start looking.


If you love the spontaneity of improv, why not have it at your wedding? You can enjoy a customized skit for your wedding, and you can even have your guests involved too! Improv is fun and it’ll make your event stand out. A local group, Vancouver Improv Anywhere, can do a 1-hour 4-person performance at your wedding for $500. Don’t be discouraged if that’s too much for you, they say they can customize the show to fit your needs. They can even organize a flash mob for you, if you’ve got the budget for it! How awesome would that be if a flash mob suddenly appeared during your reception? Even better if the whole bridal party joins in too! Your guests will be talking about it for years! Click here for Vancouver Improv Anywhere’s rates.

Will you be having one of a kind entertainment at your wedding?

Photos provided by Samar, Corycatures,
Spark Photography, & Vancouver Improv Anywhere.

Feature photo (l to r): Samar, Corycatures, Vancouver Improv Anywhere

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