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Vancity Vendor – Roca Blanca Dance Studio

June 17th, 2011 by Jeannine

Roca Blanca Dance Studio

It’s becoming more common for brides and grooms to learn a few moves before they hit the dance floor on their wedding day. After all, would you want your First Dance as man and wife to look uncoordinated? Couples turn to dance pros like Brian Udal for help. A certified master instructor in American Rhythm and Smooth, he’s helped couples find their groove in time for the big day.

Brian is the owner and chief dance instructor for Roca Blanca Dance Studio in South Surrey, and has been teaching all skill levels for 7 years now. You can also find him at the Sandcastle Fitness Club 3 times a week for public lessons. The Romantic Nightclub 2-step, Rumba, Foxtrot, and Salsa are just a few dance styles in his repertoire. Just bring along the song you want to learn and Brian will help you determine the appropriate dance style for that song.

A lesson begins with the basics, starting with the shoes on your feet. “No rubber, no tread, no platforms” is what he recommends. This is followed by a demo of 6 basic steps, and after a bit of practice, he then explains posture and shows the couple the proper frame for the specific dance you’re learning, making sure that each limb is at the right spot for comfort and mobility. He understands that each person has a different learning curve, so to make this easier, he gets to know his students and comes up with visuals that they can relate to, to help them learn the moves.

For First Dance lessons, Brian recommends private lessons opposed to public because it only focuses on one dance style and one song. Each lesson costs $60 per 55 minute lesson. He has 5-week or 10-week packages as well if you have the time and budget for it. Public classes are available for a lower rate, if you feel that is enough for you. You can view the full price list here. The number of lessons you need really depends on how fast you learn, something to keep in mind when determining a budget. Brian is very passionate about dancing and loves nothing more than working with couples and helping them achieve their goals for the most important day of their lives.

Check out this video with Brian demonstrating the Salsa with a partner.

A Few Words With Brian…

Do you change the type of dance you teach students to accommodate their skill level?
“Sometimes the song can be one or two or three different dance songs. Some are very specific. If the song will only allow that then I have to try to teach them that. If I find that that dance style is too difficult for them, it’s almost like, hey we gotta find a brand new wedding song for you! We can switch it up if they come up with a new song.”

What is your favourite dance to teach?
“Whatever ends up being the easiest to teach because of the level of the kind of people who come to the dance lessons, that would be rumba.”

Why do you think it’s important for a couple to learn to dance for their wedding?
“I think it’s important in a social aspect. I think dancing is a skill that two people can learn that will last them the rest of their life. If you were to take their honeymoon, a week or two weeks, a great memory, but they’re not gonna be able to re-live that moment every weekend like they could with dance lessons.”

What do you enjoy most about your job?
“I enjoy helping people learn dancing, sharing dancing with them because I know how much pleasure it gives me and I want to see them get turned on to that pleasure like I did.”

What advice do you have for a bride and groom?
“Don’t wait too late, if you’re going to learn how to dance. Don’t wait until the last week, I get that all the time, people phoning in one week prior to the date and they’re in a panic.”

To contact Brian, visit his website.
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Photos and Video Provided by Brian Udal

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