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Vancity Vendor:
Brandie Coe | Photography

March 8th, 2013 by Jeannine

Vancity Vendor: Brandie Coe | Photography

Brandie Coe’s first experiences in photography came from self-study, practice, and observation. She had been exposed to the movie and modeling industry since she was a teen, which provided her with many opportunities to witness firsthand how professional photographers create their stunning images. Later on, she met the man of her dreams, who then gave her her first DSLR as a present, in anticipation of the arrival of their son. She found herself hooked and since then, never looked back.

Brandie Coe

Brandie Coe | Photography provides an array of photography services including engagements, weddings, maternity, family, and newborn photos. She is relatively new to the Vancouver wedding industry, but her passion runs deep. Wedding packages range between $950 (Short & Sweet Collection) to $4,200 (Bride-zilla Collection) and include 2 photographers, initial consultation, a disc of high-res fully edited images, and a private online viewing gallery for you to share your memories with friends and family. Other packages include an engagement session, an assortment of prints, and a custom designed album and iPad. Inquire with Brandie to find out what else she can do for you.

Brandie Coe | Photography

Don’t forget to be a fan on Brandie’s Facebook page to find out what she’s been up to lately, or perhaps score a deal on a current promotion! To check out her complete portfolio, visit her website.

Brandie Coe | Photography

A Few Words With Brandie…

What do you have to offer for brides with lower budgets?
“I provide a range of services to accommodate each Bride and Grooms unique needs.  I also encourage booking as far in advance as possible to ensure the couple locks in the best rate possible.”

What sets you apart from others in the same field?
“I believe there are a few important factors that, together, synergistically set me apart from others in my field:

  1. I love people – I truly care about the people I’m photographing and this makes me strive to create the best work possible, whatever the time, in order to capture even the smallest memories and details.  I have a phenomenal client base that I am immensely appreciative for and have been fortunate to photograph over time as their families grow.
  2. Brandie Coe | Photography I’m a proactive dreamer – Nothing is impossible with the right tools and knowledge, which I think is demonstrated through gradual changes in my techniques over the years.
  3. I’ve spent a decade in front of the camera – So I know how to pose in front of the camera, and, more importantly, how to pose others in such a way that they feel comfortable enough in front of the camera to show their true emotions.  This has also allowed me the opportunity to see what backdrops, angles, and lighting work well together to capture a beautiful moment.
  4. My partner in life and photography, James – His commitment and encouragement in helping me achieve my dream career has expanded beyond the editing darkroom to stand beside me and behind a camera of his own as my wedding photography partner.
  5. I started my career photographing newborn life – this particular specialty requires an in-depth understanding of my camera, lighting, positioning, and editing that really lent to increasing my technical skills in all photography sessions.”

Brandie Coe | Photography

How would you describe your shooting and photo editing style?
Journalistic.  There are certain technical aspects that I pay close attention to generate clear, crisp, and accurately colored images, but my real goal is to capture the emotions and details that will keep the clients memories for a lifetime.  If I can create an image that makes my clients say “WOW” or even smile a tear then I know I’ve done my job.”

Brandie Coe | Photography

What do you enjoy most about your job?
“Hearing how much my clients love their photos; there is a lot of time and effort that goes into each shot and it’s always gratifying to receive that positive feedback.”

Brandie Coe | Photography

What was the most creative shot you took and how did you come up with it?
“I wouldn’t say I have one favorite creative shot.  I allow the theme, surroundings, and the personalities of my clients inspire me in every photo.  I like to keep things fresh, romantic, and timeless.  I also like to capture the moments that nobody else sees.”

Brandie Coe | Photography

Which part of the wedding is your most favourite to shoot and why?
“I love the 1-3 hour time in between the ceremony and reception with just the wedding party.  This is the most creative time where I can direct every detail on how the shots are going to look and feel.  I have also been known to pull the Bride and Groom away for a few minutes after dinner for some romantic evening shots.”

Brandie Coe | Photography

Do you draw inspiration from other photographers?
“Absolutely.  There are some amazing ideas floating around out there that I adapt to my own style.  I’m always looking to do something unique to add to my images – I find this is usually incorporated through my client’s own personalities and special props and environments that make for a more meaningful photo for the couple than I could ever bring to them on my own.”

Brandie Coe | Photography

If you had one piece of advice for a bride and groom, what would it be?
“Allot sufficient time between the ceremony and reception to get some creative shots – it’s one of the few moments where lighting, poses, and backdrops can be controlled for those more striking images.”

Brandie Coe | Photography

To contact Brandie, visit her website.
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All photos provided by Brandie Coe Photography

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