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Vancity Vendor –
Carol-Ann Photography

June 24th, 2011 by Jeannine

Carol-Ann Photography

A Richmond-based photographer is this week’s Vancity Vendor, meet Carol-Ann Loeppky of Carol-Ann Photography. It was back in high school when she discovered her love for photography. Her old Minolta in hand, she took countless photos and spent hours developing them. This self-proclaimed “geek in the dark room” was hooked, and after years of hard work, she finally turned her passion into a successful career.

Since starting her business 5 years ago, Carol-Ann’s primary focus has been wedding photography, but she also provides other services including engagement sessions, boudoir, family & pet portraits, and the list goes on. She has a home-based studio which is currently best suited for newborn and child portraits, complete with all sorts of backdrops and props. Carol-Ann’s a busy girl, averaging close to a hundred photo sessions a year.

Her basic 4-hour package costs $1,500, which includes high resolution edited images on a disc and an online gallery. For an extra fee, she can call on one of her trusted second shooters to capture more memories on your special day. If you need more coverage, just give her a call and see what else she has to offer! Carol-Ann will be happy to customize a package that best suits your needs.

Be sure to check out her Facebook page and blog for her recent work and announcements for special offers and contests. A favourite promotion of hers is one-day deals of canvas wall art for your home and she also holds portrait marathons from time to time.

A Few Words With Carol-Ann…

What do you have to offer for brides with lower budgets?
“I always offer custom packages for my brides. Not every wedding is the same, so I believe that not every wedding should be bound between 2 or 3 different packages. I offer digital only files for brides on a budget who are more of a DIY-er. I also offer off-season rates and packages.”

What sets you apart from others in the same field?
“When asked what sets you apart from others in the field I hit a brick wall.  I’m just ME! How do I put that into words? What have past clients said? Personality. Talent. Creativity. Sincere Passion. A gift for capturing ‘the moment.’ The ‘awww’ moment, the ‘hahahaha’ moment, the ‘sigh. how beautiful/precious/charming/fun/adorable moment.

Also, the day after every session you receive a few ‘teaser’ images.  There’s no waiting months to see how amazing you looked in professional images.  I know how anxious I was to see our beautiful professional images, and how hard it was to wait.  My want for instant satisfaction has definitely been reflected in the day after teasers for my clients :)

How would you describe your photo editing style?
“Clean and crisp. Every photo is put through an initial RAW edit that includes brightness, white balance, etc.  After that it gets a fix up to smooth out skin tones, and make those colours pop. I try to keep most of my images clean and crisp, but I do take a selection and give them a creative edit to give it that extra WOW factor.  As well, on the disc of high resolution images you receive every everything in both black and white and colour.”

What do you enjoy most about your job?
“Capturing memories that clients will treasure for the rest of their lives.  I love the looks on people’s faces when they see their works of art and ask is that really me?! It gives me that warm fuzzy feeling :)

What was the most creative shot you took and how did you come up with it?
“You’re going to think I’m crazy hahaha :) My husband and I don’t have any children, but we do have a Fur-Baby. Her name is Paisley and for her 2nd birthday we had a Cake Smash (all the rage for 1 year old photos!) I baked her a cake, iced it with greek yogurt and captured her going to town.” To see more photos of Paisley’s Cake Smash visit her blog.

Which part of the wedding is your most favourite to shoot and why?
My favourite part of the wedding to shoot is the ‘First Look.’ I always suggest it to my brides and grooms. Aside from the first look being a scheduling dream, it’s so amazing to have that romantic moment, just between the bride, groom, and the camera.  Nobody else is looking. You can talk, you can hug, you can kiss, you can take every sweet second in. And how can you beat having TWO special moments?! (having your own first look, and seeing each other walking down the aisle)”

Where is your favourite place/part of the city to take pictures for a shoot?
My favourite place to shoot is anywhere that provides that beautiful rustic feeling. Old barns, tall grass, wooden fences…. That down to earth feel can’t be beat!”

Do you draw inspiration from other photographers?
“Absolutely!  To grow and evolve you have to be in the know.  Facebook  has been the ultimate networking tool to see what the latest trends are, and to get the latest tips from all of the top photographers in the world.”

What should your clients expect when they have their first consultation with you?
“I love to get together and connect for an initial consultation. It’s a great way to get a vibe for each other, see my work in person, and get an idea of how I work.  I love to hear about the couple’s plans that are in the works, and offer my suggestions for great vendors, and cost saving tips!  By the end of the consultation I usually leave feeling like I’ve made a new great friend and can’t wait to see the progress planning the big day, and to capture the end result of all of their hard work.”

For the techies, what gear do you use?
“I’m not one to conform ;) I am one of the rare photographers that uses an Olympus system. Many years ago when I picked up my first DSLR, I just ‘clicked’ with the Oly. I absolutely love them, and love the results.”

I hear you have been quite involved with the community and charitable organizations, can you tell me about them and why you chose to be involved?
Last year I joined a very special group called Helping Hearts. We provide free photography sessions to families that have a child with a disability or is suffering from a life-altering illness.  My first session was for a little boy named Caleb. Unfortunately, only a few days after the session Caleb gained his angel wings. It was the most heart wrenching photoshoot I have done, but also the most rewarding.  These photos are all the family has to remember their special little boy. I am so honoured to have provided that for them.” Read more about Caleb on her blog.

Another topic dear to my heart is animal welfare.  Having a Fur-Baby of my own, I have been outraged far too often in the past few years about the horrific animal cruelty cases in the area.  The Murdered Sled Dogs, Trooper the emaciated golden retriever starved nearly to death in Maple Ridge… When I saw him on the news I knew I had to spring into action.  I organized a photo fundraiser at a dog park in Maple Ridge for a few weeks later, and we had an amazing turn out.  Over $2,000 was raised for the SPCA to cover the mounting vet bills for Trooper.  I am so happy to report that he is doing way better than expected, and is an abosolute doll.” Read more about Trooper and his fundraiser on her blog.

If you had one piece of advice for a bride and groom, what would it be?
“Make sure you ENJOY your big day. Take time to let it all sink in. Find a group of vendors you are confident with, and take on the role of a guest.  The day is going to be over in the blink of the eye. Take every single moment in, enjoy it, and choose a photographer that will capture every part of it.”

To contact Carol-Ann, visit her website.
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  • June 24th, 2011 at 7:19 am
    Kim Vandermeer says:

    Carol-Ann is amazing!! Any bride and groom would be lucky to have her!! <3

  • June 24th, 2011 at 11:26 am
    Wendy Shannon says:

    Carol-Ann is a rising star and will have (and does!) a very successful career with her amazing photogarphy skills and sunny personality.

  • June 24th, 2011 at 1:10 pm
    Stephanie Reitsma says:

    What beautiful pictures. This is most definitely a photographer that I will mention to my clients. Thanks Carol-Ann!


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