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Vancity Vendor: SCM Photography

October 12th, 2012 by Jeannine

Vancity Vendor: SCM Photography

An avid photographer since childhood, Sara Manning has always had a camera in hand, but it wasn’t until she travelled the world that she realized her love for the lens. She purchased her first DSLR camera and from there learned the ins and outs of photography. She took a few courses, participated in workshops with other professionals and of course practiced a lot on her own. Her skills improved and now she’s gathered 2 and a half years of wedding photography experience. Being able to share in her couples’ big day and seeing them at their happiest gives her so much joy and gratification.

SCM Photography specializes in wedding and portrait photography. Her rates start at $1,600 for 4 hours of coverage and all her rates include an engagement session, 2 photographers on the wedding day, and an online gallery hosted by PASS for 12 months. PASS safely stores your images in a cloud & allows you to download or access them anywhere at anytime. You can even download a PASS app to your iPhone so you can have your wedding photos wherever you go and it’s integrated with Facebook for easy sharing.  Additional products such as albums and canvases are available for an extra cost.

With her trusty Nikon in tow, Sara would be honoured to be able to capture your wedding, but should an emergency occur, rest assured she has some backups willing to step in. To find out more about her or keep up to date with her latest photos, be a fan of her Facebook page or follow her on Twitter.

A Few Words With Sara…

Why did you want to become a wedding photographer?
“I started out in family/portrait photography and honestly never thought about wedding photography until someone asked me about my own personal wedding photos. Unfortunately, I did not have the best experience with my own wedding photographer and every time I think back on my special day, my memories are a little bit tarnished. I won’t bore you with the details, but let’s just say the time we spent taking the wedding formals was not fun and I do not get excited about showing others my wedding pictures. I have been married for almost 10 years now and I never ever want a bride and groom to feel the same way I did & still do about my own wedding photographer experience.”

What do you have to offer for brides with lower budgets?
“I definitely want to ensure that brides with lower budgets get the same experience as everyone else. To help them out, we can work out a payment plan. I also offer a la carte pricing for shorter and more intimate weddings. I don’t want brides to hesitate to contact me because of budget concerns, so I encourage them to get a hold me directly and I’ll work with them as best as I can.”

What sets you apart from others in the same field?
“There are so many wonderful people in the same field, but I personally feel that I am an easy person to connect with. I believe it is so important to build a strong relationship with my clients beforehand because it will just make photographing their wedding day that much more fun and relaxing. I’ve been told that my easy-going and personable nature puts everyone at ease on the wedding day, which therefore results in very comfortable & natural images.”

How would you describe your shooting and photo editing style?
“I believe I’m quite relaxed with my shooting style on the day of the wedding. I spend a lot of time communicating with the bride and groom before their day; so much to the point where I know their family members’ names off by heart. By doing this, I feel like I know everyone the day of and it is much easier to connect with them, thereby making everyone feel at ease and hence avoiding any awkwardness in front of the lens. I do a lot of location scouting beforehand, so it makes the family/wedding party/couple formals run very smoothly.

In terms of my editing style, I love the use of natural light. I do not go crazy with the images in post-processing at all because I want the pictures to look as natural and timeless as the moment itself was. I enjoy colors when they pop in my photos, but I will admit that I LOVE black and white. One of my favorite quotes from Ted Grant, When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
“I enjoy the fact that I am fortunate enough to be able to do this as a job. I am absolutely in love with what I do and the people I meet. I feel so grateful for the brides and grooms that I have met over the years and the connections we’ve maintained. Not only was I there documenting their I do’s, but I’ve also been there to watch and photograph their family of two grow into something bigger. It’s truly amazing!”

What was the most creative shot you took and how did you come up with it?
“I remember photographing a summer wedding down at Steveston beach. It was so hot, yet extremely windy. The bride had purchased umbrellas as a plan b, so I decided to have them use the umbrellas in the shot to add a little bit of an artistic flare. It is still one of my favorite photos to this day.”

Which part of the wedding is your most favourite to shoot and why?
“I can’t say everything, can I? Well, I’d have to say it’s a toss-up between: 1) The groom’s face as soon as he sees his bride walking towards him. Seriously! This part of the day melts my heart and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve teared up behind my camera watching his reaction.

2) When the couple walks down the aisle together after they’ve been pronounced husband and wife. Everyone is smiling ear to ear and is eager to snap a pic of the new Mr. & Mrs. In both situations the emotion is so pure and authentic. You can’t get much better than that!”

Where is your favourite place/part of the city to take pictures for a shoot?
“Wow! This is a tough one to answer, but I’d say Granville Island. I am absolutely in love with the vibrant colors and textured walls!!! It ‘s also great because it offers fantastic views of the cityscape.”

What should your clients expect when they have their first consultation with you?
“I do not want my potential brides/grooms to feel any pressure when they meet with me for the first time. I usually suggest meeting at a café and as corny as it may sound, I want them to feel as though they are meeting a friend for coffee/tea. I am not there as a salesperson, I am there because I genuinely want to hear how they met their fiancé. I want to know how they got engaged. I want to know how much they’re enjoying thinking about/planning their wedding. What can I say? I’m a sucker for love. I want to get to know them both and I want them to come with whatever questions they want for me so when they leave they feel confident enough that I’d be a perfect fit for them on their wedding day.”

If you had one piece of advice for a bride and groom, what would it be?
“I have been married for almost 10 years now and I still remember how quickly my wedding day went by! There is so much going on that day, so first off I suggest choosing a photographer you click with and one whose style suits your needs. You will spend so much time preparing for your big day that the photographs you get in the end will be the true representation of what went on. Secondly, take a few minutes during the reception with your new husband/wife, step back with each other, and take everything in. Look at how beautiful the venue looks. Look at your friends and family. Look at how great of a time everyone is having. Everything and everyone is there for you two and you deserve to take a moment together to cherish that memory. Lastly, HAVE FUN!”

To contact Sara, visit her website.
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