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USV 5′s Ultimate Shooter:
Darko Sikman

May 1st, 2013 by Jeannine

USV 5's Ultimate Shooter: Darko Sikman

Vancity Bride is proud to sponsor Ultimate Shootouts Vancouver for the second time. If you don’t know what Ultimate Shootouts is, just ask some of Vancouver’s finest photographers, namely Butter Studios, Vancity Vendor Pure White Studio (who is also a Vancity Vendor, I might add), and Stone Photo. They created this supportive community for Vancouver photographers to network and learn from each other by holding multiple shootouts and workshops throughout the year. The last USV was held in March and like previous USV’s one photographer gets voted as The Ultimate Shooter… and I’m pleased to introduce USV 5′s Ultimate Shooter, Darko Sikman.

Darko Sikman

Darko Sikman is a professional photographer with extensive photography experience encompassing editorial, commercial, travel, product, fashion and of course, wedding photography. Weddings are his passion and he considers it a great honour and a privilege to capture his clients’ precious memories. Not only is he able to use many different photography techniques and skill sets in a span of one day, he also gets to share in all the joy his couples experience… the icing on Darko’s cake. (Btw he loves cake – a great perk of the job!)

This post’s feature photo gained the most votes among his peers at Ultimate Shootouts 5, which named Darko The Ultimate Shooter – way to go!

USV 5 - Darko Sikman Photography

A Few Words With Darko…

USV 5 - Darko Sikman Photography Why did you join USV? What did you think of that experience?
“As wedding photographers we see other’s work on the websites and in magazines but we rarely have an opportunity to work beside each other. I joined the USV because I have great respect and admiration for the people behind it, Butter Studios, Pure White and Stone Photo. I think they are some of the best in the industry and any opportunity to hang out and shoot beside them is great.”

How does it feel to be voted Ultimate Shooter?
“I’m very flattered. It’s a great honour to be picked by a group of my peers.”

What sets you apart from other wedding photographers?
“As events like the Ultimate Shooter show every photographer is unique. Give us the same location, same models and same gear and we will all create different images because we see the world in a different way. I’m not sure how I would define my style – I guess it’s a mix of fashion editorial and cinematic. I love using studio lights on locations and create contrast and drama in my images which is maybe little unusual to a ‘typical’ wedding photo which is usually bright and light.

USV 5 - Darko Sikman Photography

Beside the photographic style, each one of us has a different personality. I am very proud of the feedback and testimonials from my brides that beside the fact they loved their images, they also felt relaxed and had tons of fun being photographed by me and Carrie (my wife/second shooter) on their wedding day. I think it is important to have a photographer you ‘click’ with personally because they spend a lot of time next you on your wedding day.”

Would you ever do USV again?
“Definitely. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced photographer or just a beginner – it’s a great opportunity to meet other professionals, see a different way of looking at things and just have fun hanging out with a bunch of awesome people.”

USV 5 - Darko Sikman Photography

Here is a sample of Darko’s wedding portfolio…

Darko Sikman Photography

Darko Sikman Photography

Darko Sikman Photography

Darko Sikman Photography

Darko Sikman Photography

Darko Sikman Photography

To see more of Darko’s work, visit his website, be a fan on Facebook, or follow him on Twitter.

Ultimate Shootouts Vancouver

Congratulations Darko for becoming USV 5′s Ultimate Shooter!

All bridal photos courtesy Darko Sikman Photography
Behind the scenes + group shot courtesy Ultimate Shootouts

Photographers: For more information about Ultimate Shootouts & how you can participate, visit their website.

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  • May 1st, 2013 at 11:05 pm
    Shane Jackson - wedding photographer says:

    These photos are beautiful and Darko is a amazing wedding photographer. He is deffently someone’s work I’m going to keep an eye on for insperation!

  • May 7th, 2013 at 10:45 pm
    Ken Tan says:

    Stunning portfolio @darko!


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