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Vancity Vendor Faves:
Best Portraits of 2012

January 2nd, 2013 by Jeannine

Vancity Vendor Faves: Best Portraits of 2012

The New Year is the time to look forward to bigger and better things but it is also a time to remember the highlights of the past year. I’ve asked my Vancity Vendor photographers to do just that… here are their favourite bride and groom portraits of 2012, in no particular order. Enjoy!

Raymond & Jessie Photography

See feature photo above.

“I love this shot because it is a tough shot in a short time. The bright light was very close to the camera and the couple was at the darker place. It was very hard to get the camera and flash exposure right plus sharp image at the same time. We didn’t expect it would work well at that time. At the end, we got this award winning shot.”
~ Raymond Leung, Raymond & Jessie Photography | View their Vancity Vendor feature.

Carol-Ann Photography

“This favourite is from one of my fall weddings this year…. I don’t think there could be anything more romantic than an adorable couple in a row boat on their wedding day.  I jumped at the chance to get them in there – and thankfully they were game for it!  I love how the image is like I’ve caught a quiet moment between the two of them surrounded by nature.”
~ Carol-Ann Loeppky, Carol-Ann Photography | View their Vancity Vendor feature.

Jennifer Kirk Photography

“It’s tough to pick just one but this one stands out because the groom’s dad shined up his ’50′s Buick for the wedding day, and got it running for the first time in many years. Being able to use it in photographs was not only cool for me but meaningful for the family! It’s a family tradition to have this car in wedding photos.”
~ Jennifer Kirk, Jennifer Kirk Photography | View their Vancity Vendor feature.

Jarusha Brown Photography

“This is one of my favorite photos from 2012 for a few reasons. June this year was particularly ugly and when I went to Van Dusen Gardens to scout and check things out, it was pouring rain and miserable. I found this spot and knew I had to use it rain or shine. On Ashley & Jamie’s wedding day, a handful of days later, the sun was shining, it was warm and beautiful and it made this location even more magical. Add that to the fact that I love this couple – they were so sweet and their wedding was so fun that every time I look at this photo it makes me smile.”
~ Jarusha Brown, Jarusha Brown Photography | View their Vancity Vendor feature.

Cora’s Photography

“The couple is Kate and Jesse and they were so amazing! I love this image because when the wedding party and I arrived at the first photo location, we were welcomed by thousands upon thousands of mosquitoes as soon as we opened the door to the limo. It was deadly. So all thirteen of us had to scramble back in, try to kill any mosquitoes that were trying to hitch a ride and figure out a new location – and fast. So we extended the drive and shortened the session to head to Harrison Lake and even though we could only stay there for 15 minutes, the results were the perfect addition to their collection of images. LOVE!”
~ Cora Henderson, Cora’s Photography | View their Vancity Vendor feature.

Vivid Moments Photography

“I love the way they are warmly embracing one another despite the fact that it was cold and rainy. To me that says that no matter cold, how dark, or how much it rains in a figurative sense, all they need is each other to be happy. The fact that you can also see the breath between the two of them is like a metaphor saying that they are breathing each other in passionately as husband and wife.”
~ Raymond Chou, Vivid Moments Photography | View their Vancity Vendor feature.

Union Photographers

“I’ve attached a picture of Angeline & Justin eating their wedding cake. I just love this photo because it really shows how much fun this lovely couple have together. It was one of many wonderful moments that we were lucky to witness this year.”
~ Holly Truchan, Union Photographers | View their Vancity Vendor feature.

Tomasz Wagner | Mananetwork

“The use of strong, natural light allows me to simultaneously draw the viewer in by establishing a mood and making the couple look magnificent.”
Tomasz WagnerTomasz Wagner | Mananetwork | View their Vancity Vendor feature.

Denise Lin Photography

“The beautiful couple, elegant Hycroft, long shadow made this a special photo. I treasured the MOMENT when the sun shined in through the window and when the newly wed were enjoying each other with their warm smiles on their faces. At that moment, they looked just so peaceful. Just right before this photo, we were about to leave the venue; we got lucky to have the beautiful setting.”
~ Denise Lin, Denise Lin Photography | View their Vancity Vendor feature.

Butterfly Photography

“We love this photo for two main reasons. First, the backdrop is stunning. With the vineyards and lake as the backdrop and the picnic themed photo it looks like something from rural France! The second thing we like about this photo is that it really is inline with our approach to wedding photography: sweet, simple and sophisticated.”
~ Martin Gregorian, Butterfly Photography | View their Vancity Vendor feature.

Melissa Montgomery Photography

“Spontaneous. Something I love but seldom dive into. I mentioned it before that I try and take away something from each wedding and this one reminded me to be a little more spontaneous in my life. Let’s face it, my life is ran on calendar, but sometimes you need to just dive in… We headed out to Queen Elizabeth Park for formal portraits and the weather was clearly well above 30 degrees! We were headed to the famous fountain to do portraits and then when the ladies actually got in my insides were screaming with delight. I mean this is usually the fun styled trash the dress shoot type of session, but on a wedding day adding this spontaneous element just made for not only beautiful photographs, but beautiful memorable moments. It was just to cool down, but then the splashing started and the groom got in. Witnessing their candid moments of laughter and comfortability with one another made me truly happy for them.”
~ Melissa Montgomery, Melissa Montgomery Photography | View their Vancity Vendor feature.

Natalia Reardon Photography

“This is one of my favorite shots from the 2012 wedding season. I loved how the bride and groom virtually stopped traffic to have their moment together in a part of Vancouver that has so much character. And even though it was raining, the atmosphere was perfect for some gorgeous black & white photos!”
~ Natalia Reardon, Natalia Reardon Photography | View their Vancity Vendor feature.

Earthling Photography

“I love the photo because it was a such spontaneous moment between the bride and groom right after their elopement ceremony.  It was a beautiful, sunny fall day in Vancouver after a week of rain and fog.  We were walking back to the car after the ceremony and saw this amazing light shine through the trees just off the path.  I was busy setting up the lighting as the groom just picked up his new wife and swirled her around.  I was so happy to capture this natural moment.  The photo was taken near Prospect Point at Stanley Park.”
Magie NeamanEarthling Photography | View their Vancity Vendor feature.

 Bake Photography

“This photo taken in October at The Fairmont Pacific Rim rooftop is one of my favourites from our 2012 weddings because this was such an amazing moment that was captured. After this gorgeous bride and groom had just said their “I DO’s”, they walked down the isle and out to the reflection pond to take a moment. It was perfect! With the soft subdued lighting, and a timely gust of wind, it was one of those dreamy instances that wedding photographer’s wish for. We also had an audience behind us as many of the wedding quests looked on as the bride and groom were having some of the first official photos being taken as newlyweds!”
~ Melissa Baker, BAKE Photography | View their Vancity Vendor feature.


“This is my favourite image from 2012 because this type of photo isn’t my usual style of nature green style of photography but a studio like approach with indoor lighting. This was captured when Amy and Chad were resting in a bar enjoying themselves as I had the time to really think and compose before I asked them to be in position and capture the moment. Amy and Chad is also one of my all time favourite bride and groom because they were the first bride and groom that booked me more than 1 year in advance as well as the first bride and groom for 2012. Super dupe awesome couple and super duper cool wedding!”
~ Jun Ying, Kunioo | View their Vancity Vendor feature.

Three Sixty Photography

“This was taken at Loon Lake and it is one of my favorite shots particularly because it is so serene and because of the weather that day nobody was on the lake.”
~ Justin Lam, Three Sixty Photography | View their Vancity Vendor feature.

SCM Photography

“It was really hard to choose my favourite photo from my 2012 wedding season. Like really hard!  One photo, however, still stands out in my mind as one of my faves. This photo exudes the the pure and authentic joy & love a couple shared after their ‘first look’. Out of all the weddings I photographed this season, only one couple shared the first look with each other before the ceremony. I love, love, love it when couples tell me that they plan to see each other beforehand because I feel that that intimate moment the two of them share is so special and unique. It is truly something they will remember forever and to be able to capture that emotion on camera is absolutely priceless. This image is very simple and elegant, yet the amount of happiness that radiates from this one photograph alone is undeniable and for me, unforgettable.”
~ Sara Manning, SCM Photography | View their Vancity Vendor feature.

Tamea Burd Photography

“The reason this is my favourite shot, is because it was so silly and spontaneous and fun. This wedding took place in August, outside, on the hottest day of the year. By the time the ceremony, the formal family and wedding party shots were finished, the bride, groom and I were all so boiling hot, we were actually dizzy. The three of us got into the car to go off to our ‘bride and groom only’ photo location. As we sat down in the car, I said I’d LOVE a slurpee right now! We laughed and then we all said at the same time, Let’s go to 7-11! When we got there, I offered to be the one to get out and buy our drinks, so the bride and groom wouldn’t have to wander around a convenience store in their wedding clothes. Then I said jokingly, Unless you want to take some wedding shots here in the parking lot. I was kidding, but when I came back to the car with our drinks, we all decided it would be really funny to take some shots right there in front of the store. So we did, for about 15 minutes (while enjoying our wonderfully cold slurpees, of course). Part of the fun, was all the smiles we got from passers-by and all the drivers who waved and beeped their horns at us. These shots ended up being not just my favourites, but the bride and groom’s as well!”
~ Tamea Burd, Tamea Burd Photography | View their Vancity Vendor feature.

Sachin Khona Photographer

“I love capturing real and natural moments like this during a wedding. This one is from the first dance for Jill and John’s wedding in Sept 2012. It’s one of my favourites from the season simply because of Jill’s expression. I have no idea what they were talking or laughing about during the first dance and that’s the beauty of the image for me”
~ Sachin Khona, Sachin Khona Photographer | View their Vancity Vendor feature.

Magna Vita Photography

“The heavy wet moss cloaking the ground, the wood saturated with weeks of rain, the cold blue reflection on the winding pathway, and that glimmer of light that fell upon my couple as they shared a kiss under the rain. No matter how cold and wet my bride & groom wer feeling, this photo is my favourite because it proves that you can still have stunning wedding photos without sun and blue skies. We live in a rain forest and should embrace all the seasons. Besides – any easy way to save on your wedding is to get married in theoff-season.”
~ Bini Ball, Magna Vita Photography | View their Vancity Vendor feature.

Modern Romance Productions

“We absolutely love this wedding for many reasons; a military wedding, groom and groomsmen in coast guard uniform, beautiful bride and bridesmaids, , gorgeous orchids and the formation of the traditional arch of swords are just amazing to have. The couple did a quick smooch right before they could exit the last 2 sword bearers and we are very happy to have captured this significant moment. Love it!”
~ Ruby Chang, Modern Romance Productions | View their Vancity Vendor feature.

Dallas Kolotylo Photography

“We love this photo! The composition, the lighting, her expression, the mood and the colours. Everything really. We always are striving to do something different and I haven’t seen a wedding quite like this, so this one really stands out to us.”
~ Sabrina & Dallas Kolotylo, Dallas Kolotylo Photography | View their Vancity Vendor feature.

Erica Miller Photography

“I just love the simplicity of this photo. This couple is radiant and glowing. The sunlight is perfect and hits this stunning bride beautifully. It also shows off her absolutely gorgeous low cut dress. And these two, so in love, and unbelievably excited to be married….finally! It is such an honor to share in these spectacular moments in a couple’s life.”
~ Erica Miller, Erica Miller Photography | View their Vancity Vendor feature.

Magnolia Photographic

“This photo is one of my favourites of 2012 because to me, it has all the elements that take an image from great to magical! I love the emotion in the photo, the expressions of pure joy and happiness are so evident on both the bride and groom’s faces. I love the motion in the bride’s veil, and I think it adds to the overall jubilant feeling of the image. And finally, I love the scenery – a wedding in Whistler wouldn’t be complete without a mountain scene, and here we have one of the most stunning views in the area – combining water, glaciers, trees, and of course, a beautiful bride and groom.”
~ Laura Stapleton, Magnolia Photographic | View their Vancity Vendor feature.

Green Pomme Photography

“Time Stands still for no one…..except those in true love.”
~ Melissa Liu, Green Pomme Photography | View their Vancity Vendor feature.

All photos provided by each photographer.

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  • January 2nd, 2013 at 3:37 pm
    Cheryl says:

    All of these photos are beautiful very talented group we have here in Vancouver !!!!

  • January 4th, 2013 at 8:00 am
    Linda says:

    They are all beautiful photos. My favourite ones are the first one by Raymond & Jessie as well as the one by Jarusha Brown.

  • January 8th, 2013 at 11:50 pm
    landybridal says:

    love the trees and sea!

  • January 18th, 2013 at 2:01 pm
    Jaime says:

    I just booked Bake Photography for my wedding because of this post. My fiancé and I are so happy with our choice. Thank you!

  • January 18th, 2013 at 2:03 pm
    Jeannine says:

    That’s so great to hear Jaime, thanks for sharing! So happy for you and Melissa!


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