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Vancity Vendor Faves:
Creative Bridal Party Shots

June 25th, 2012 by Jeannine

Vancity Vendor Faves: Creative Bridal Party Photos!

I love looking at bridal party photos because it’s so apparent how happy everyone is and how much fun they’re having during the shoot. The more eye-catching ones though are the ones that have been orchestrated, where the photographer’s (or even the subjects’) creativity rules the image. I’ve asked some Vancity Vendors to submit their favourite creative bridal party shots and here’s what they’ve got!

Tomasz Wagner – Mananetwork

See above feature photo.

“I came up with the idea once I saw the table displays in the window. The first thing to tackle was the store owners and would they be able to let us move a few things for a shot. Second, how can we light them from inside as mannequins in a window. For the first few captures, the couple pretended to be wedding mannequins while everyone outside hung out as a group. After a few tries we transformed the idea from pretty wed couple in the window to prized kiss behind the glass. It’s hard to achieve this now because of all the wedding foot traffic in gastown, it’s got the store owners hesitant about letting parties in. Two reason why I love this shot; one, it turned out exactly how I wanted it to and two, shortly after a lady ask for my business card. We got a lead the year after from it :)
- Tomasz Wagner, Tomasz Wagner | Mananetwork

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Carol-Ann Photography

“This shot was taken for the bride that wanted a certain ‘edgy feel’ in their photographs. We searched out a great grunge/graffiti filled location to contrast their formal wedding attire. The angle of the shot and the fact that the boys aren’t looking at the camera gives it that James Bond-ish and mysterious feel.”
- Carol-Ann Loeppky, Carol-Ann Photography

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Union Photographers

“I like to create scenes with my photography. Sometimes things can be quite hectic when the bride is getting ready. I like to take the time to put the bride and her bridesmaids in a spot that has a clean background and nice lighting. With Marie-Claire and her bridesmaids I asked them to stand by the doorway where the light was nice and asked one of her bridesmaids to help with the back of her dress and the other to check the bottom of Marie-Claire’s dress. The result is a photo that looks natural even though it was posed.”
- Roger Mahler, Union Photographers

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Cora’s Photography

“This shot was taken at Capilano Suspension Bridge and I just love it because it is relaxed, fun and totally shows off the gorgeous venue selected by the bride and groom to celebrate their wedding day. Taking photographs of the bride and groom on the suspension bridge is a given, but I thought it would be fun to get everyone out there. So the gals kicked off their heels and off we went. It was hilarious watching everyone try to maintain their balance (as some of the groomsmen made the trip out on the bridge a little more ‘wobbly’) but I love the result. Everyone is smiling and looks totally happy. The way a wedding day should be.”
- Cora Henderson, Cora’s Photography

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Audra’s Photography

“This is one of my favourite wedding parties of all time. As we were getting set up to do a group photo, this horse decided to sneak up and give one of the bridesmaids a little nibble on the ear. I had such a good time with this bridal party and every time I look at this picture it brings me back to that day.”
Audra Colpitts, Audra’s Photography

Read the Vancity Vendor profile of Audra’s Photography here.

All photos were provided by each photographer.

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    landybridal says:

    The bridge is so cute,and the dresses are so beautiful


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