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Vancity Vendor Faves: First Look

September 5th, 2012 by Jeannine

Vancity Vendor Faves: First Look

One of the most special moments on the wedding day is when the bride and groom see each other for the first time. It doesn’t matter when it happens, before the ceremony or while walking down the aisle, I can guarantee that there will be lots of emotion involved… Which is exactly what this next set of Vancity Vendors are proving. Prepare to be moved :)

Magnolia Photographic

See feature photo above.

“Maren and Andrew had their beautiful wedding on September 10, 2011, and started the day with a first look at L’Hermitage Hotel. I had Andrew wait at the bottom of the stairs while Maren came down behind him. He could hear her heels clicking on the marble stairs so he knew when she was getting closer – his smile got bigger and bigger! I love the moment captured in this photo because it shows the huge amount of anticipation encompassed in a “first look” moment – Maren has the cutest smirk on her face, as she’s just about to tap Andrew on the shoulder, and Andrew looks so happy and excited – it’s obvious he can’t wait to see his beautiful bride”
- Laura Stapleton, Magnolia Photographic

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Earthling Photography

“Here is a photo double from one of my couples’ first look moments. Two brides, one of the most special couples I have met since I started photographing weddings. The photo was taken at Olympic village where we met the families for a portrait session and the brides saw each other for the first time before the ceremony. It was my first wedding where the couple had a first look before the ceremony and a very special moment for a as a photographer.”
- Magie Neaman, Earthling Photography

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Erica Miller Photography

“I absolutely love this image! It is so raw and full of emotion as this mother walked her beautiful daughter down the isle and gave her away to be married. Melissa’s tears started before she even saw her future husband, and I captured this just as she looked up and gazed at him…then the tears flowed even more! It took everything in me to keep from crying myself!”
- Erica Miller, Erica Miller Photography

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Butterfly Photography

“First looks are a great way to get beautiful natural candid shots. Sometimes putting a sequence of photos together really brings a strong story telling element. I love these sequence of shots for the different facial expressions you get!”
- Martin & Rosaline, Butterfly Photography

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bOB HOmer Photography

“We were so excited to be documenting Rachel and Tyler’s New Year’s Eve wedding out at the Fraser Valley Lodge in Agassiz. Gorgeous scenery, a great night for a party (!), and a fun couple that we’d loved chatting with during our previous encounters. We knew this would be one fun wedding! It was interesting to see, then, that they were a bit nervous, hence doing the first look. They wanted to get the stressful part of the day out of the way so they could just get on with having fun getting married. We love this shot of Tyler waiting patiently, before they were able to have that first kiss.” 
- bOB & Jen Homer
, bOB HOmer Photography

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Jennifer Kirk Photography

Jennifer Kirk Photography

“Just look at his face! Need I say more?”
~ Jennifer Kirk, Jennifer Kirk Photography

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All photos were provided by each photographer.

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