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Vancity Vendor Faves:
Creative Wedding Ring Photos

November 7th, 2012 by Jeannine

Vancity Vendor Faves: Creative Wedding Ring Photos

Wedding rings symbolize marriage, an eternal pledge you’ve made to love, honour and be faithful to one another for all the days of your life. The rings are a huge part of the ceremony and I’ve always loved the different ways photographers capture them. I’ve decided to ask some of my Vancity Vendors to share their creative ring photos and here they are!

Denise Lin Photography

See feature photo above.

“The ring shot reflects the glamourous atmosphere at the grand hotel (The Sutton Place Hotel) and the taste of the bride and groom. I wanted to create a shot with the blink element, so I was looking around at the hotel venue. Then, I found the crystal stand on the reception table. I attached the rings one by one on the hook that hung the crystal. In order to create more blink and glamourous effect, I had the LED light to shine through the crystal in the background. Clicked my shutter with a macro lens, then it was the shot.”
- Denise Lin, Denise Lin Photography

Read Denise Lin Photography’s Vancity Vendor profile here.

BAKE Photography

“I love this shot because of the different layers and design elements. The earth tones were also a theme throughout the wedding, especially the detail shots. I came up with this idea months before the wedding when I found a series of rocks with text on each one. We used these love rocks for many of the portraits, and they seemed fitting as the couple got married by the rocky beach at Robert’s Creek. The rock is also symbolic of strength in this relationship as in the expression You are my rock.”
- Melissa Baker, BAKE Photography

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Modern Romance Productions

“Found this cute little toy at the bride’s room in the morning prep. There’s a kitty hiding in a box with a cute little paw sticking out of the box. It’s actually a piggy bank toy, when you put a coin on the plate, the kitty will grab it into the box! So I came up with the idea of Kitty wants the Ring shot! I wanted to have a shot that incorporates and expresses my bride and her cute little things she has in her room, not the flowers that will wilt in a day, and not the shoes she doesn’t wear everyday. Simply adorable!”
- Ruby, Modern Romance Productions

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Melissa Montgomery Photography

“The couple had a beach themed wedding at the Brock House Restaurant. I love to photograph the rings while we are doing the formal portraits of the day as I can capture them in the element and theme of the wedding day. This particular shot was photographed at the beach on a log while we were walking around during formals. I saw the chain links and loved how it represented the union of togetherness. It fit the couple’s theme beautifully.”
- Melissa Montgomery, Melissa Montgomery Photography

Read Melissa Montgomery Photography’s Vancity Vendor profile here.


“I was inspired by the props and details that the bride and groom brought to Fort Langley Hall. I utilized the mirror’s reflection of the sky to add more dramatic feel while not revealing to the viewer that the sky was reflected.”
- Jun Ying, Kunioo

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All photos were provided by each photographer.

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