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Vancity Bride Policies

Terms of Use

Vancity Bride is not affiliated with any company mentioned or featured on this site.  Content within this site is purely for informational purposes and personal use only.  Vancity Bride is not responsible for any consequences that may arise from your usage of this website. The views expressed on this website/blog are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer.

Featured Vendor Policy

Vancity Bride takes a neutral stance when it comes to Vancity Vendor profiles. They are not advertisements, simply information to be shared with others. To remain impartial, compensation is not exchanged between site and vendor.  These profiles may contain direct quotes from vendors and Vancity Bride is not liable for the accuracy and validity of those comments.  Please contact the vendor in question if you have concerns. If I receive anything for free from a vendor, it will be noted, but it will not affect the way they are portrayed. Prices mentioned in Vancity Vendor profiles are accurate to the date posted, rates may change over time at the vendor’s discretion and Vancity Bride is not liable for any inconvenience due to the change in prices.

Sales & Promotions Policy

From time to time, Vancity Bride will announce special sales and promotional prices. Vancity Bride does not receive any compensation for promotions or sales published on the blog. Vancity Bride and the vendor must have written agreement of the promotional price or sale before publishing. Vendor is responsible for honouring the price and Vancity Bride is not liable for any negative consequences that may arise.

Comments Policy

Vancity Bride will moderate comments to prevent slander, spam, and advertising. All comments will be approved or rejected prior to posting. If you must leave a negative comment, do so in a civil manner, citing only factual, personal experiences.  Any comments deemed slanderous or malicious will not be posted.

Contests Policy

Vancity Bride will hold contests from time to time and will have sponsored prizes (goods or services), but will not be liable if the vendor sponsoring the contest somehow does not follow through with the prize. If there are any problems, you must deal directly with the vendor in question.

Sponsored Posts Policy

Vancity Bride will publicly note whether blog posts contain affiliate links and sponsored content; however, the products Vancity Bride features remains an independent choice, products which I recommend honestly and wholeheartedly. Affiliates or sponsors do not choose which products Vancity Bride features. By using these links, you are supporting Vancity Bride.

Privacy Policy

Vancity Bride will not sell or share personal information gathered from users who contribute to the site.

Note: Vancity Bride reserves the right to update any of these policies at their own discretion.  Changes will be effective immediately.